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To learn more about how ALESYS can partner with you to achieve the business results you expect, call us at 1.800.758.1071 x225.



"We were realizing about a 20% return on investment from training before we started working with ALESYS to reengineer our training function. Now we are getting a 60-80% return based on the results of assessments we give to the staff we train."
SVP, JPMorgan Chase Bank

ALESYS' powerful Integrated Approach to Learning® is how we achieve extraordinary results from your training and change initiatives. It is a comprehensive system that gets significant results. The more of the critical components of this system that are integrated into training or change initiatives, the greater the return on your investment.

Most people only use 10 to 30% of what they were trained to do when they get back to their job! That result is totally unacceptable for any organization today. Do you tolerate a negative return on your investment in other parts of your organization?

The transfer rate of trained skills and concepts to actual job application can be increased to 60 to 80% by using ALESYS' Integrated Approach to Learning®, which significantly improves your return on training investments. Behavior change on the job is what training is all about! Without that training outcome, you are wasting money, time, and morale. Our research into how most organizations train their people reveals several serious problems that our Integrated Approach to Learning® solves.

» Our Integrated Approach Solves These Problems:

  • Undefined, undocumented work processes and procedures cause inconsistent performance and business results. This important step in a workplace improvement initiative must be accomplished before the development of any training.
  • Training or change initiative is not meeting expectations. We will identify the weaknesses and propose solutions for you to consider.
  • Two or more corporate cultures are merging into one. There may be disparate groups of work processes, whose advocates must be guided to agree on a new merged "best practice" approach that can then be turned into training for the merged workforce.
  • Training content is often not relevant to those being trained.  Generic training programs, or programs that are not delivered in a timely fashion, may limit Learners' ability to transfer skills to the job.
  • Design and development of the skills or concepts to be learned is often weak.  Subject Matter Experts, untrained in designing easily learnable content, may simply "patch" training programs together over time. They cannot build in good instructional design because that's not their expertise.
  • Delivery formats often don't match the training's intended outcomes. For example, Trainer-led sessions focus on information sharing instead of practicing skills for direct job application. 
  • Trainers do not have well-developed skills for most effectively managing the learning of workplace adults. Or, multimedia formats chosen may have no interaction or feedback in a close-to-real-world application.
  • Those being trained are uninterested or uninvolved in learning.  They just go through the motions of "being trained." This is especially true of poorly designed e-learning formats.
  • A strong support system for reinforcing and coaching learned skills on the job is missing. Supervisors do not know what has been taught and often lack skills in coaching job performance.
  • No system is in place to measure the effectiveness of the training. Frequently, no one really knows if training is making a difference in job performance. There is no excuse for this today!


ALESYS' unique Integrated Approach to Learning® addresses each of these problems.  It produces results! 

  • Results that translate into behavior change on the job sustained over time. 
  • Results that produce a greater return on your training investments. 
  • Results that positively impact your bottom-line. 
  • Results that can be measured.

Our Integrated Approach to Learning® is a system. The more components you integrate, the greater the chance of long-term behavior change.  But what really makes our Integrated Approach work is how each component is designed and integrated to achieve bottom-line results.  ALESYS' Integrated Approach to Learning® starts at the top of the organization. Senior Management's support is vital for the success of any training or change effort. We can help you build credibility and support by making all the important components come together to work for your bottom line.

All of our learning and consulting services and products are custom-designed to address specific organizational culture and needs.  Our proven Integrated Approach to Learning® is the core of successful learning and training effectiveness.  It gets results that meet your expectations. Guaranteed.








Behavior Change... Isn't that what it's all about?